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Warrant Articles for 2016 Town Meeting

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 Annual Town Meeting Articles 

1. Hannah Lincoln Whiting Fund 
2. Assume Liability for DCR on Rivers, Harbors, Etc. 
3. Reports from Various Town Committees 
4. Report of the Personnel Board 
5. Salaries of Town Officers 
6. Budgets 
7. Transfer Into the Stabilization Fund 
8. Transfer from the Stabilization Fund 
9. Transfer from Meals Tax Stabilization 
10. Disbursement of Electric Light Department Receipts 
11. Building Department Revolving Fund 
12. Department of Elder Services Revolving Fund 
13. Transfer funds to the Reserve Fund 
14. Fire Station Building Committee and Renovations 
15. Close Out Capital Projects 
16. Lincoln School Apartments Capital Requirements 
17. Senior Tax-Work Off Program 
18. Tax Exemption for Deployed Military Reservists 
19. Water Company Acquisition Feasibility Continuation 
20. Road Building 
21. Town Administrator Special Act 
22. High School Health and Wellness Center Design Funds 
23. Transfer Funds to the SPED Trust Fund 
24. Special Legislation – SPED Financing 
25. Insurance Proceeds in Excess of $20,000 
26. Solar Panels at the Landfill 
27. Disposition of Property: Selectmen’s Parcel 
28. Hingham Harbor Park Project and Building: 0 Otis Street 
29. Hingham Harbor Bathouse and Refreshment Stand 
30. Community Preservation 
31. Kress Field Playground: PARC Grant Program 
32. Lehner Property
33. Amend CPC Composition 
34. Amend Zoning By-law re: Media Broadcasting or Production Studios 
35. Amend Zoning By-law re: Floodplain Protection Overlay District 
36. Amend Zoning By-law re: Common Driveways 
37. Amend Zoning By-law re: Bed and Breakfast Establishment 
38. Amend Zoning By-law re: Update Zoning Map References 
39. Amend Zoning By-law re: Lot Shape Requirements 
40. Safety Improvements at North Street at Main Street Intersection 
41. Amend General By-laws re: Sewer By-law 
42. Establish the Hingham Art Commission 
43. Acceptance of Easements