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Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Notice:Pedestrian Bridge Overview

December 2012 - The Harbor Development Committee has made an application to the Community Preservation Committee for funding for a pedestrian bridge to Whitney Wharf under the Community Preservation Act. This pedestrian bridge will increase public access to Hingham Harbor and will provide for safer access to Whitney Wharf. Please see below two artist renderings of the proposed bridge. The HDC encourages public input on this application to the CPC and we would welcome any feedback.

Overview at Whitney Wharf and Town Pier (PDF)

Drawing: Hingham Harbor Proposed Pedestrian Bridge Crossing (PDF)

Please provide feedback via letter to the Harbor Development Committee, 210 Central Street, Hingham or via attendance at our monthly meetings.

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Hingham Harbor Master Plan Image

2013 Annual Report

Access, physical improvements along the waterfront and promoting Hingham Harbor related issues continued to be the focus of the Harbor Development Committee in 2013. The Committee would like to thank Dave Fenton for his three years of dedicated service to the Committee.

The HDC met monthly through 2013. While we have entertained a few new issues, the majority of the Committee's time has been spent in advancing matters that were addressed in the 2007 Master Plan. To maximize the efficiency of a volunteer committee, individual HDC members have taken the lead on a number of our individual initiatives to help their advancement through acting as liaisons with other committees and following through on matters discussed between meetings. Selectman Paul Healey served as the Committee's liaison with the Board of Selectmen and Bathing Beach Trustees Joan Williams and Ed Johnson worked actively with the HDC throughout 2012 in advancing beach stabilization and other mutual interests.

The primary initiatives advanced during the past year were:

• Whitney Wharf Pedestrian Bridge - This project was allocated $275,000 in CPC funds at the 2012 Annual Town Meeting. In February 2013, an RFP for professional engineering & permitting services was issued and the engineering/design/permit team of Beals & Thomas/Polaris were selected. Engineering and survey work were the first steps performed and the goal is to have an Invitation to Bid for construction services released in Fall 2014.

• Beach Erosion/Stabilization & Management – The "Blizzard of 2013" and its predecessor Hurricane Sandy heightened our awareness of an issue with serious implications along the Hingham waterfront: erosion of the shoreline/beach and the stabilization of the embankments and parking lot. Thanks to the Hingham Department of Public Works for their significant efforts in grading and reshaping the beach for the 2013 season after these events.

• Bath House/Snack Shop Concept Advancement – Another area where the HDC worked closely with the Bathing Beach Trustees was in the advancement of the concept of renovating the existing concrete block bath house into renovated bathrooms with an accessory snack shop.

• Harbor Master Plan Updating, Coordination with other Town Committees and Organizations – The HDC revisited the 2007 Harbor Master Plan and met with other Town officials notably Mary Savage Dunham, the Town Planner and Conservation Commission Agent Abby Piersall to ensure that its goals and objectives were consistent with broader Town objectives. Another frequent attendee of HDC meetings has been Amy Cowan, the chairperson of the non-profit harbor advocacy group the Friends of Hingham Harbor. We thank her for her input to discussions this past year and for the group's well attended harbor programs this past year.

• Community Rowing & Sailing Discussions & Study – The Committee was the recipient of an independent study conducted by Community Rowing of Boston at the expense of Hingham resident and avid rower DJ McKinnon. This study made several short term and long term recommendations for the physical, operational and programmatic issues surrounding a sustainable community & rowing program in Hingham including further analysis of alternatives to the Route 3A Roatary which seriously impacts access to and around Barnes Wharf/Lincoln Maritime. Since its release, the concepts of this proposal have been presented to various stakeholders in the process including the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, etc.

• Hingham Boat Ramp – Under the lead of Committee Member John Thomas, the Committee has continued to champion a new and improved boat ramp/launch area for the Inner Harbor to replace our aging one with its exposed rebar. A meeting was held on site with Mass. Official Jack Shephard in the Fall to advance the design and future funding of new facilities. The beach management plan being prepared by the Trustees' consultants is an important precursor to this activity.

• Increasing Car-top Boating/Kayak Access in Different Locations – The Committee continues to look at locations to improve residents' access to launching sites for kayaks and other car-top vessels that are becoming increasingly more popular.

Committee Members
Alan Perrault, Chairman
Eric Kachel, Secretary
Robert Mosher
John Thomas
Paul Losordo
Edward Morris
William Reardon

Kenneth Corson III (Harbormaster) ex-officio


(Appt. By Selectmen, ART 30, ATM 1971)
Term Expires
David Fenton 2013
Robert Mosher  2014
Alan Perrault, Chair 2014
John Thomas 2014
Paul Losordo 2015
Eric Kachel, Secretary 2015
Edward Morris 2015
Harbormaster Ex-officio Member