Inspection Procedure

Rules & Regulations for Inspections
An approved set of plans as well as the building permit must be on the job site for all inspections.

After a building permit has been issued, it will be necessary to notify the Building Department at 781-741-1420 when ready for the following inspections:

Grounding Inspection
All new construction concrete must have encased grounding electrodes in lowest portion of foundation (footing) if there is steel in any portion of foundation. If not, a minimum of 20' of bare #4 copper is required. Electrical permit required and foundation must be inspected by Wiring Inspector before concrete poured.

Foundation Inspection
After pouring of concrete and foundation has been sealed, before backfill. At this time a registered land surveyor must certify foundation placement and elevation by the submission of 2 certified as-built plans to be filed with the Building Department. No structural framing shall commence until foundation approvals are obtained from the Building Department. In the case of sonotubes, the inspector needs to see the holes before concrete is poured.

Prior to Rough Inspections
Building must be at least 90% sided.

Rough Frame/Firestopping Inspection
After rough wiring, rough plumbing, and sheet metal have been inspected and approved.

Throat Inspection
A throat inspection is required.

Insulation Inspection
An insulation inspection is required.

Final Inspection
To obtain occupancy, call the Building Department to set up a Certificate of Occupancy "Sign Off Card." It will be your responsibility to obtain all necessary signatures verifying final inspections. This card must be submitted to the building department at least 24 hours in advance of the final building inspection along with a completed Final Cost Affidavit when required.

At least a 24 hour notice is expected. Thank you for your cooperation.

Plumbing/Gas Inspections
Appointments for plumbing and gas inspection must be made between 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m., Monday through Friday. No emails or voice messages accepted!

Request for Enforcement
If you suspect that a building or zoning violation is occurring, you can file a written complaint. Complaints of suspected code violation must be submitted in writing on a Request for Enforcement Form.