Bulky, Construction & Demolition Waste

Please note: These materials may be disposed of by permit only.


Permits given for same day disposal on Thursdays and Fridays Only (items must be with you)Bring your bulky item or construction and demolition waste in your vehicle on a Thursday or Friday to the Department of Public Works office at 25 Bare Cove Park Drive, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Provide us with your driver's license and Transfer Station Permit Number. You will then receive a paper permit to dispose of your bulky items for the same day.  Please note permits are limited to 3 cubic yards per week per household.
You may borrow a vehicle (bring registration) to dispose of bulky, construction and demolition waste, however, it CANNOT be a commercial vehicle (commercial plates or writing on the side of the vehicle).  If renting a vehicle it may be a pickup truck or van (please bring rental agreement).  
NOTE:  Box trucks and utility trailers larger than 5x9 are PROHIBITED from the Transfer Station.  

To dispose of bulky, construction and demolition waste on the second Saturday of each month: Come to the Department of Public Works office, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Bring your driver's license and registration of the vehicle you will be taking to the Transfer Station. You do not need to bring your bulky items. You will receive a permit for the second Saturday of your choice. Please note: Only 25 permits will be issued for each date. Only one trip allowed per vehicle on a Saturday with a permit.  You may also obtain a Saturday permit (if available) on the second Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Bring your bulky items in your vehicle, drivers license and valid Transfer Station Permit Number to the Department of Public Works office. Please call the Department of Public Works office ahead at 781-741-1430 for C&D permit availability.

Limit:  3 cubic yards per household per week 

Weekend Disposal

Hingham Residents with valid sticker will also have the option of dumping their bulky items or construction and demolition waste on Saturday or Sundays without a permit by using the scale. The cost is 6 cents a pound with a minimum fee of $15.00 for up to 250 pounds. 


  • Place bulky waste in open top trailer.
  • All wood waste MUST be cut into 3-foot lengths (this will be strictly enforced). 
  • Separate all other trash from construction type waste.
  • 3 cubic yards are allowed per resident per week.
  • All loads must be inspected by Department of Public Works personnel for waste ban items when permit is obtained.

Accepted Items

  • Non-compostable wood wastes of all types are accepted.
  • Construction/demolition materials.
  • Large furniture, rugs
  • Mattress/Boxspring - $20 each item

Prohibited Items

  • All metal must be recycled. No metal allowed into construction and demolition/bulky waste containers.
  • Please separate all household rubbish from construction type waste.
  • All waste ban (i.e. recyclable and hazardous waste items) are prohibited from disposal in these containers.
  • All rubble (i.e., tile, cement, granite, brick, stones etc.)

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