Conservation Property

There are a number of conservation properties in the Town of Hingham. Some of the more popular properties are listed below. When a property is not managed by the Conservation Commission, the property manager is listed in parentheses after the property name.

*Untended Lands
Size (acres)
More Info
Amonte Meadow Conservation Area 3 Nature observation  
Bare Cove Park (BCPC and Select Board) 484 Walking; nature observation; water access Website
Bathing Beach (TBB and Select Board) 6 Swimming; walking; nature observation Website
Bouve Conservation Area 32 Hiking; nature observation; water access  
Bradley Pond* 2 Nature observation  
Broad Cove Conservation Area*
15 Nature observation
Burns Memorial Park Conservation Area
24 Hiking; nature observation Video
Cranberry Pond
Hiking; fishing; ice skating  
Cushing Meadow 4 Agricultural  
Eel River Woods (HLCT)
12 Hiking; nature observation
Fee Pond*
2.5 Hiking; ice skating
Foundry Pond
32 Hiking; fishing; nature observation
Governor Long Bird Sanctuary
11 Hiking; nature observation
Home Meadows*
70 Nature observation
Jacobs Meadow (HLCT) 50 Hiking; nature observation Website
Langlee*, Ragged*, Sarah*, Button* and Bumpkin Islands (Harbormaster/DCR/NPS) 44 Nature observation; picnicking by boat; camping (Bumpkin only) Website
Leavitt Street Conservation Land*
16 Hiking
Lehner Conservation Area 51 Hiking; nature observation Video
Lyford's Lyking*
7 Nature observation
Marchesiani Farmlands
25 Hiking; equestrian trails; nature observation  
McKenna Marsh
100 Hiking; nature observation  
Mildred Cushing Woods Conservation Area*
19 Hiking; fishing; nature observation; water access  
More-Brewer Park and Brewer Reservation
Hiking; equestrian trails; nature observation; cross-country skiing
Old Swamp River Conservation Area* 14 Nature observation  
Plymouth River Lands (multiple Town departments)*
93 Nature observation; some trails are maintained
Stodder's Neck (DCR) 39 Walking; nature observation; water access Website
Town Forest (Select Board) 108 Hiking; nature observation  
Triphammer Pond Conservation Area
98 Hiking; equestrian trails; nature observation; fishing
Turkey Hill (TTOR)
Hiking; nature observation; scenic vista
Whitney and Thayer Woods (TTOR) 824 Hiking; nature observation Website
Whortleberry Hollow (HLCT)
13 Hiking; nature observation
Wompatuck State Park (DCR) 3002 Hiking; biking; equestrian trails; cross-country skiing; water access; camping Website
World's End (TTOR) 251 Hiking; nature observation; water access Website