Personnel Board

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  • David Pace, Chair
  • Jack Manning
  • Courtney Orwig
  • Karen Johnson
  • Lynn Carroll

The Board has 5 members and none can be an employee of the Town or one of the Town’s elected officials. Members of the Personnel Board are all volunteers and are appointed by the Moderator, serving 3 year terms. Each year, the Moderator appoints a member or members of the Board to succeed the member or members whose term or terms are then expiring. If there is a vacancy in the Board, it is filled by the Moderator and any person appointed to fill a vacancy holds office for the unexpired term of the person whom he/she succeeds.


The Personnel Board is responsible for the administration of the Town’s Personnel By-law, which includes the Town’s Classification and Salary Plan (the “Plan”).

Duties of the Personnel Board

The basic duties of the Personnel Board are set out in Section 5 of the Personnel By-Law and include the following:

  • The Personnel Board administers the By-law, which includes the Town’s Classification and Salary Plan. To that end, the Board is authorized to establish policies, procedures and regulations consistent with the Plan, as it deems necessary.
  • The Board maintains written descriptions of the jobs or positions in the Plan, which describe the essential characteristics, requirements and general duties.
  • Working with the Town’s Human Resources Office, personnel records of all Town employees are maintained by that office for the use of the Personnel Board.
  • From time to time, the Personnel Board reviews the work of all positions covered by the Plan.
  • Periodically, the Personnel Board reviews the Salary Schedules. The Board keeps informed as to pay rates and policies for services outside the Town and recommends to the Town any action deemed desirable to maintain a fair and equitable pay level.
  • The Personnel By-law authorizes the Personnel Board to add positions to the Plan or reclassify existing positions no more than 2 higher pay scale groups, effective until the next Town Meeting, when a proposal to amend the schedules is to be presented to the voters.