Guidelines & Applications

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are not the owner(s) of the property for which you are seeking CPC funds, it is required that you receive permission from the owner(s) of the property/building before applying for a CPC grant to do work there.  (For instance, if your project is requesting funds to do work on a building or on land owned by the Town, you must get on the Board of Selectmen’s meeting agenda to request permission to do the work, and you must receive that permission prior to the deadline for submitting a CPC application.)  CPC will not entertain an application without this permission.

Manual and Applications

  For additional information, send an email.

Upcoming CPC Dates - As of 5/23/19

    CPC begins their meetings to review grant applications in Sept 2019
Please check back on this website after July 1st for additional information.

April 20, 2020:  Annual Town Meeting - final approval

Please note, CPC presents to Advisory Committee and Board of Selectmen at the beginning of 2020 (Jan/Feb).  The Board of Selectmen and the Advisory Committee will vote on which projects they support during these meetings.  If you are interested in those meetings, please sign up on the website to receive agendas from the Advisory Committee and Board of Selectmen.  Thank you.


June 1, 2019:  Community Preservation Committee Accepting Applications 

The Community Preservation Committee is now accepting new applications for grants appropriated by the Town of Hingham’s CPA funds.  Funds from this account can be used for Historic Restoration, Open Space, Recreation and Community Housing projects.  The grants will receive final approval at Annual Town Meeting April 20, 2020; however, the CPC board members will begin to review the new applications in early Fall of 2019.  There is a CPC Process Manual located on the Town’s website if you would like more details regarding these grants.

The 2-step application process deadline is outlined below:


Step 1:  Determine Project Eligibility / Preliminary CPA Application – Deadline:  8/28/19
Available:  6/1/19 in the Clerk Office, CPC office and on the Town’s website under CPC
Please complete and submit as soon as you know of a worthy project.   Once submitted to the CPC Office, a CPC staff member will contact you to confirm that your project falls within the boundaries of eligibility and then a CPC Project Liaison will be assigned to assist you with completing the application. If your Preliminary CPA Application is eligible, then you would proceed to Step 2:

Step 2:  Final CPA Application – Deadline:  10/12/18

For those of you who submitted a Preliminary application that was accepted, your final application is due 10/4/19.

Where to Submit your Application:
Completed applications should be submitted to Carol Costello – CPC Office/Engineering Dept, located at the DPW building, 25 Bare Cove Park Drive, Hingham. 

The deadline for submitting the initial step of the CPC application is 4:00 P.M. on Wednesday,  8/28/19 
Please feel free to contact the CPC directly if you have any questions by email

Purpose of a 2-step application process:  Chair of CPC - Mandatory 2-step process

Because of the complexities of the CPA law, the committee requires all project applicants to begin the application process by submitting a one-page Preliminary Application form. No funding application will be accepted unless this form has been submitted and approved. Applicants should refer to CPA Process Manual; refer to the “Community Preservation Fund Allowable Use Table called Table 6 Allowable Spending Purposes” when filling out your application. This information comes from the Department of Revenue and contains the most up to-date information on both the definitions of the four CPA program areas (Open Space, Historical Preservation, Community Housing, and Recreation), and the allowed uses of CPA funds in the four areas.  Preliminary Applications may be submitted at any time.   

The Chair of the CPC or the Chair’s designee and the CPC Administrator will review Preliminary Applications to determine if they are eligible. Applicants will be notified, as soon as possible, whether their project is eligible for CPA funds, so they can begin the Final Application process.