Application Process

Step 1. Complete & Submit a 2-Step Application Process:

Instructions for projects that will be recommended for Annual Town Meeting 2018 (ATM2018: April 23, 2018)
Please revisit the website May 2018 for important due dates for projects that will be recommended for ATM 2019.

Preliminary application due by August 25, 2017 and then the final application due by October 13, 2017.
Please email Carol Costello at if you wish to receive a Word document to work with.

 Preliminary Community Preservation Act Application (PDF): Submit your 1-page application to Carol Costello. Drop off original and send a PDF via email. (10 copies are not needed for this portion of the application)

Once your preliminary is received, a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) staff member will contact you to ensure your Final CPA Application is ready and complete by Oct 13, 2017.
Final CPA Application (PDF): 1 original, PDF and 10 copies are necessary so each committee member can review your project. Please submit to Carol Costello:
Town of Hingham - Engineering Office / CPC
c/o Carol Costello
25 Bare Cove Park Drive
Hingham, MA 02043

Important Note: Late Submissions - Due to the length and complexity of the process leading to Town Meeting recommendations, the Committee does not generally consider applications submitted after the deadline.

Step 2. Community Preservation Committee Review & Public Comment

  • A. The CPC will review applications to determine whether:
    • Proposed projects are eligible for Community Preservation funding;
    • Proposed projects are sufficiently developed in terms of their work plan and timing for further consideration; and
    • Proposed projects are consistent with town goals and plans and will provide a benefit to citizens of Hingham (see attached criteria).
  • B. Public Comment: The CPC will seek public comments on proposed projects at an initial public hearing to be scheduled in January 2018.
  • C. CPC Recommendations: The CPC will make its final recommendations for funding in the form of warrant articles to be voted on at the 2018 Town Meeting.

Step 3. Town Meeting Approval

The CPC determines which projects are most appropriate for funding and presents its recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and Advisory Committee, each of which votes either to support or not to support each recommended project. Projects are then presented in the warrant for Town Meeting consideration. Town Meeting has the final authority to award funds from Hingham's Community Preservation Fund. A majority vote is required to approve funding. A 2/3 vote is required to approve acquisition of real property.

Step 4. Funding Award

Funding for approved projects will be available following Town Meeting, subject to satisfaction of any closing conditions established by the Community Preservation Committee and Town Meeting. Funds will not be released until any required restrictions have been recorded at the Registry of Deeds. Upon approval by Town Meeting, grantees will be required to enter into a Grant Agreement specifying the amount and conditions of the grant.