Summer Program Policies

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Summer Policies


Refund Policy

Requests for refunds will be considered from February 1st, 2019 through April 30, 2019. During this initial refund period, customers may receive up to a 94% refund. This refund rate is typical of all Recreation programs and reflects the 6% processing fee associated with all transactions performed through our Activenet software. Requests must be received prior to the April 30th deadline. After April 30th, we may be unable to issue refunds. Please considered personal vacations prior to registering.

Sunblock Policy

All children are encouraged to bring their own sun block with them each day with their name clearly labeled on the container. All children will be reminded by counselors and senior staff members throughout the day to reapply sun block to prevent any burns. However, the staff is not allowed to apply sun block on your child (unless preschool parents sign the sun block waiver).  As a result, we recommend that parents send in sun block that is in a spray bottle. If the sun block is provided in a spray bottle the staff is allowed to spray on the sun block and the child will be asked to rub it in. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Recreation Office at (781) 741-1464.

Allergy Awareness Policy

In the interest of promoting a safe and healthy environment for children participating in the Recreation Summer Program, we ask that the parents of children with severe allergies notify Recreation staff of their child’s allergy and provide all food for snacks, lunches, and special occasions. We also ask that campers with EpiPens carry one with them at all times in addition to leaving one in the Rec office.  We know from past years that a number of campers do suffer from moderate to severe peanut allergies. Due to this knowledge we strongly suggest that all parents avoid sending their children to camp with foods containing peanuts. Counselors will encourage children not to share lunches and to wash their hands after eating. Furthermore, if necessary, a section of the lunch area will be designated as “peanut free” in order to reduce exposure. However, the Recreation Department does not accept responsibility for the contents of campers’ lunches.

Pick-Up Identification Policy

Any adult picking up a child at the end of the camp day will be required to present a valid driver’s license to a member of the senior staff. If the name on the license does not match that of a parent or person listed on the release waiver, the child will remain at the Recreation center until permission for the child to leave can be obtained from the parent.

Preschool Toiletting Policy

The Hingham Recreation Department wanted to take the time to inform all parents and guardians of our toileting policy for younger campers who may need extra assistance using the bathroom (this includes pulling up pants, zippering zippers, assisting with any accidents, etc). Hingham Recreation Staff (counselors or directors) will supervise children at all times, including children using the bathroom. If a child has a toileting accident he/she will be treated with kindness and understanding and will never be subject to punishment or humiliation as a result of soiling. The child’s dirty clothes will be sent home with the child. All children in the program, even those who are toilet trained, should have an extra set of clothing in their backpack in case such an accident may occur. If your child is not toilet trained and you plan on sending your child to the program in a diaper or pull-up, our Toiletting Policy Waiver must be signed and returned if you wish for your child to be changed while at the program by a senior staff member. Recreation senior staff members are able to assist your child in the event of an accident if the waiver that is included in the welcome packet received upon registration is signed and returned by the first day of camp. If this form is not signed and returned prior to the start of the session, parents will be called and asked to come assist their child.

Medical Policy

Please be advised of the updated medical policy for the Hingham Recreation Summer Camp Programs. Children will be sent home immediately in the case of: 
  • An elevated temperature (101F or higher) – May return to camp when temperature is normal for 24 hours without fever reducing medication.  
  • They are vomiting- May return to camp when vomit free for 24 hours.  
  • They have a skin rash- May return when the rash is cleared or with a doctor’s note.     
  • They have 2 loose or watery stools in one day- May return to camp when 24 hours without diarrhea. 
  • Eye redness, swelling, or discharge- May return to camp with a doctor's note no eye discharge.

 Please read our medical policy for the full document.

Hingham Recreation PreSchool & Playground Summer Long Bonus

Hingham Rec will provide a discount to those families who participate in our PreSchool and Playground Summer Programs all Summer long. Please call the office for details.