Pickleball League Rules

When you arrive you will be assigned a number. Your number remains yours throughout the session. Your Round Robin Captain will help you get started with this. By the end of six games, you will have played with six different partners and against twelve different opponents! You may have a bye (where you sit out for one game) if there is an uneven number of players signed up. If you have a bye there will be a seventh game played consisting of the bye players so that everybody gets to play six games.

​A Round Robin Facilitator is present at every Round Robin. The Facilitator determines the rotation, manages the time clock. posts the rotations and manages other aspects of Round Robin play. In order to keep everything running smoothly and on-time, the Facilitator will do some advance preparation to get things rolling. It is important that players arrive AT LEAST ten minutes before the Round Robin is scheduled to start. Late arrivals (after play has started) will be assessed 1 point penalty per minute late. Once the 11 late mark has been reached the game is forfeited.

​A sub list will be established during the registration period. If you register as a sub you must: be within the correct player level, be certain you are available on Friday mornings and be ready to have fun and meet some great people. IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the permanent player to find a replacement from the official sub list. A permanent player may not use the same sub again. No exceptions please. Subs will receive half points. Example: If their tem wins 11-5, they would receive 6 points rounded up. If they lost 5-11, they would receive 3 points rounded up.

​League standings will be posted on the Hingham Rec Website.

​To keep play moving, please be advised that we shall keep the time at ten seconds, that is, from the time one point is concluded to the time the next point is started. Bring your easy chair in case there is some down time. Enjoy!