Food Establishment Permits

We are happy to offer applicants the ability to apply for Food Permits electronically by creating their own account online. Applicants can then send attachments, communicate with the Board of Health through either chat or email and also makes payments online. This process will save time, travel and increase efficiency.

Note: Do not apply online if you are applying for a Temporary Permit or for the Hingham Farmer's Market.  (See Regulations, Procedures and Applications)

Food Permit Applications

Apply Online

Instructions for Submitting Permit Applications:

Additional: Illustrated instructions

To process your renewal application please follow the steps below. You will first be creating a user account and then will be able to access that user account to submit your application.

1.    You have the ability to create your own account and then view the progress of your application as it goes through the Board of Health approval process. Please Apply Online to create an account and click on the link “New User Register Here

2.    Once you have created your account, login using your newly created user name and password. You will then go to your “Home Page”. This page allows you to follow the progress of your application once it is submitted to the Board of Health. 

3.    Click on the “New Application” link at the top of the page and fill in the online application and submit it.

4.    Once submitted, you will be taken back to your Home page, where you can see the application you have just submitted.

5.    You can track the process of your application by clicking on the “eye” icon.

6.    If you need to attach a document to your application, click on the “paperclip” icon, then select the document via the browse window. Once submitted it will automatically be submitted with your original application.

7.    Once the permit has been submitted, you will be able to make your online payment by clicking on the “eye” icon, and click the “Pay Now” button on the right hand side of your screen. You will be directed to the online payment process.