COVID-19 Community Notices

COVID-19 Notices from Community Organizations and Businesses in Hingham

The Community Organizations and Business updates will provide changes and updates during the COVID-19 public health emergency. This information is being provided as a public service during this state of emergency and is not an endorsement of any product, business, or program. 

If you are a local organization which would like to add information, please email the Webmaster ( Please send us the name of your business or organization, contact information such as address, telephone, email, or website address (URL) as well as a short comment or update you would like included.

Community organizations MUST have a physical or mailing address within the Town of Hingham.  Businesses MUST be located in Hingham and have a valid business certificate filed with the Town Clerk to be considered for inclusion. Links will be added or removed at our discretion. A business listing does not constitute an endorsement by the Town of Hingham.

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COVID Complaint Form 

Town of Hingham staff are working with local businesses and organizations and the public to increase awareness of and compliance with the state’s new guidelines. Please report any non-compliance issues you observe at Hingham businesses / organizations via our COVID Complaint Form.

  1. Hingham COVID-19 and Small Business Webinar

    April 15 - On April 13, 2020, state representatives and the Chair of the Hingham Board of Selectmen held a webinar with Hingham businesses to discuss the COVID-19 emergency, small business needs in town, and resources available to assist small... Read on...
  2. Wompatuck State Park Advisories

    April 8 - The Visitor Center is closed until further notice. This means there are no bathroom facilities in the park. Mt. Blue Spring is closed until further notice. Dogs must be leashed. Please still practice social distancing while using the park... Read on...
  3. World's End: Update on Cancellations and Closures at Trustees properties

    April 7 - World’s End will not be reopening on April 8, 2020 (nor will Whitney and Thayer Woods). The Trustees of Reservations are still looking into systems that may allow us to open these properties safely, but no timeline has been established. Read on...
  4. RGB Computer Solutions - Remote/Drop-Off Work

    April 6 - RGB Computer Solutions is a small computer repair, data recovery, and information technology business in Hingham Center offering remote (no contact) and drop-off work, with special discounts to veterans, first responders and health-care... Read on...
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