Why do we need to build a new Public Safety Facility?

Since 2015 the Town of Hingham has recognized that Station 2, North Fire Station, has long since reached its usable life.  First opened in 1942, the 4,813 sq. ft. space is no longer suitable to meet the HFD’s needs, despite modest renovations over the years.  Additionally, it lacks the size to meet and address Hingham's emergency response needs going forward.  In 2020, a review of the current 17,700 sq. ft. Police Headquarters likewise confirmed numerous deficiencies, i.e., inadequate entry area, lack of sufficient meeting rooms, inadequate training spaces,  inability to accommodate the needs of female and male officers, insufficient space for records and storage and inadequate traffic circulation, to name only a few. Simply stated it would not be possible to renovate the existing Police Headquarters within the limited space allotted to the HPD at Town Hall.

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1. How did you choose the exterior design of the building?
2. Where is the proposed Hingham Public Safety Facility Building site?
3. Why do we need to build a new Public Safety Facility?
4. What is the expected construction timeline?
5. What are the sustainability goals for the project?
6. Have any cost cutting measures been taken so far during the design phase?
7. How many garage bays will there be?
8. What will the exterior design look like(3 pictures)?
9. What happens if the project is not approved?
10. Will the fire apparatus be able to navigate the Lincoln street safely?
11. Will we have to buy new fire trucks for this new station?
12. Will we have to hire more firefighters to staff the new station?
13. How may I find answers to additional questions that were not answered here?