Have any cost cutting measures been taken so far during the design phase?

The initial Feasibility Study prepared by KBA and approved by the Town, determined that the site at 335 Lincoln Street could accommodate a 58,000 s.f. building. The goal of the PSBC was to design a building that would meet the Police & Fire Department’s current needs  and  allow for a 50 year growth projection. Considerable efforts have been made at  public hearings and smaller working group sessions to “Right Size” the building.  As a result, the original Schematic Design called for a Building that would be approximately 56,525 s.f.  The PSBC worked with KBA, the HFD and HPD to develop a more efficient design without compromising the needs of the Departments, resulting in a 13% reduction in the s.f. of the Building to the currently approved  48,290 s.f.   A redesign of the gable roof to a low slope roof has also resulted in substantial cost savings. The PSBC will continue to focus on Value Engineering revisions  and reductions in Contingency & Escalation factors, as the design proceeds.

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1. How did you choose the exterior design of the building?
2. Where is the proposed Hingham Public Safety Facility Building site?
3. Why do we need to build a new Public Safety Facility?
4. What is the expected construction timeline?
5. What are the sustainability goals for the project?
6. Have any cost cutting measures been taken so far during the design phase?
7. How many garage bays will there be?
8. What will the exterior design look like(3 pictures)?
9. What happens if the project is not approved?
10. Will the fire apparatus be able to navigate the Lincoln street safely?
11. Will we have to buy new fire trucks for this new station?
12. Will we have to hire more firefighters to staff the new station?
13. How may I find answers to additional questions that were not answered here?