How much will the proposed override increase my taxes?

We have developed a Tax Impact Calculator that residents can use to enter their street address and view the estimated FY24 property tax increase resulting from the proposed override. 

Without the override, the median Hingham taxpayer, whose property is currently assessed at $898,850, would have an estimated FY24 tax bill of $9,634.  With the override, the median taxpayer's FY24 estimated tax bill would increase by approximately $751 to $10,385. 

For more detailed information related to estimated property tax impacts of the proposed override, please click here

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1. Why is an override needed? How did we get here?
2. What is the size of the proposed override?
3. Were other, lower override amounts considered?
4. Who sets the actual dollar amount of the proposed override?
5. How much will the proposed override increase my taxes?
6. When would the override go into effect?
7. What happens if the proposed override doesn’t pass?
8. When are we voting? Do I have to vote in person?