Were other, lower override amounts considered?

Yes, several different levels and structures of overrides were considered.  The Town needs just over $6 million to continue providing the same level of services we currently provide, so that makes up the bulk of the $7.89 million proposed override.  At this time, the Select Board, School Committee, Advisory Committee are not recommending service cuts, which is what an override number smaller than $6 million would entail.  

In addition to the $6 million to keep what we have in place, the Select Board, School Committee, and Advisory Committee recommended funding $1.9 million of the total additional $3.2 million requested by departments (to enhance services/capacity).  The $1.9 million represents the most critical of those requests.  The Town Administrator outlined the municipal requests on February 16 (slides 16-32 here, or the video is here starting at 1:55:40).  The School Department also outlined its needs in many budget documents, including the presentation from February 27

The Town is trying to balance its responsibility to provide quality services with the impact on taxpayers.  With regards to taxpayer impact, we have made a concerted effort to increase awareness of the Town's property tax exemptions and relief programs. In addition, the Select Board advanced three warrant articles this spring (Articles 16, 17, and 18) that will further expand tax relief for Hingham homeowners. 

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1. Why is an override needed? How did we get here?
2. What is the size of the proposed override?
3. Were other, lower override amounts considered?
4. Who sets the actual dollar amount of the proposed override?
5. How much will the proposed override increase my taxes?
6. When would the override go into effect?
7. What happens if the proposed override doesn’t pass?
8. When are we voting? Do I have to vote in person?