• Waterfront Trail
  • Walkers on Sheltry Path
  • Two Welsh Terriers
  • Retrieving Sticks in Back River
  • Quiet Walk Along Fresh River Path
  • Navigational Aids
  • Marine Sentry Dog Graves
  • Information Kiosk and Waste Disposal
  • Indian Point Vista
  • Indian Point Field
  • Heading Out on Bare Cove Path
  • Heading Home on Bare Cove Path
  • Grassy Field Along Back River Path
  • Frank Sheltry - 20 Year Volunteer Landscaper
  • Fort Hill Street Entrance Sign
  • Field of Cedars Along Bare Cove Path
  • Field Along the Waterfront
  • Dog Waste Control
  • Dog Off Leash
  • Busy Weekend Afternoon
  • Brisk Walkers on Bare Cove Path
  • Boat Fleet at the Waterfront
  • Black Lab Swim
  • Biking and Walking Along the Waterfront
  • Beal Cove

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