For current Town of Hingham retirees. 

Questions about retiree benefits should be directed to the Benefits Department.
Teachers are managed separately and should contact Hingham Schools for additional information. 


Cost of Living Adjustments


Cost of-living adjustments are granted to Hingham benefit recipients by vote of the Hingham Retirement Board. Every year, the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC) files, with the Legislature, a report detailing the increase or decrease in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The board then votes whether to grant a COLA based on the increase in the CPI or 3%, whichever is less.


Currently, the retirement base on which a COLA is granted is $14,000. Accordingly, if the Board grants a 3% COLA effective July 1st, a benefit recipient may have his or her allowance increased by a maximum of $390 per year, or $32.50 per month.