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By-Laws, Regulations & Policies


Mitigation Planting Resources

The intent of the Conservation Commission is to move all structures and activities as far away as possible from any Resource Area, and to retain and maintain the Buffer Zone in a naturally vegetated condition (see Part II, Section 22.0 of the Hingham Wetland Regulations).

When activities are proposed in the Buffer Zone, the Commission typically seeks mitigation plantings for new impervious area and/or structures in the 100ft Buffer Zone (50-100ft) at a 1:1 ratio (planting area to impervious area and/or footprint). In the 50ft Buffer Zone (0-50ft), the ratio increases to 2:1. If the Resource Area is a Vernal Pool, potential or certified, the mitigation ratio is typically 2:1 regardless of whether work is proposed in the 50ft or 100ft Buffer Zone. Pervious improvements, such as decks and some patios, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of mitigation planting plans submitted to the Commission can be found on the Pending Applications website. The following websites provide additional information on native plants, which are preferred for all mitigation planting areas.

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