Publications, Historical Documents and Maps

These are some of the current Historical Commission's publications.

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Guide to Seventeeth and Eighteenth Century Hingham

A Guide to Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Hingham, Alexander Macmillan and Stephen Dempsey, 2017  

"Hingham is one of the oldest towns in America (settled 1633). The towns' primary resource that underlies the environmental excellence is its distinctive, contiguous, wood-frame architectural resource is an aesthetic, cultural and economic resource that is also a national heritage.
During each year many questions are posed to me regarding Hingham's natural and historic resources. Without question, the most sought after information is for a history of the town's old buildings. Invariably I am asked, 'Where is and how old is the oldest house in Hingham?

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Bucket Town

Bucket Town, Derin T. Bray, 2014    

Woodenware and Wooden Toys of Hingham, 1635-1945

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Hingham Through Time

Hingham Through Time, Stephen Dempsey, 2014

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Tranqulity Grove Cover

Tranquility Grove: The Great Abolitionist Picnic of 1844, Marth Bewick, 2018

Tranquility Grove: The Great Abolitionist Picnic of 1844 tells the story of an important event that took place in Hingham, Massachusetts. Attended by as many as 10,000 people, the largest abolitionist picnic in history marked the tenth anniversary of the end of slavery in the British West Indies. For abolitionists, celebrating the emancipation of West Indian slaves on August 1 was even more important than commemorating the 4th of July.

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When I Think of HinghamWhen I Think of Hingham, Michael J. Shilhan, 2002

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Hingham Heritage MapHingham Heritage Custom Google Map

The Hingham Heritage Map is a custom Google map with a series of topical overlays on which locations of local historical significance are geo-located and described.

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