Property Tax Work-Off Program

Individuals 60 and older work in an assigned Town Department in exchange for a reduction in their property tax bill.

Download Tax Work Off Application

Eligibility Requirements
Age 60+
  Own and occupy property for which Hingham taxes are paid.
  You may be able to have a representative work on your behalf if you are physically unable.
  If property is in a trust, applicant must be listed as a beneficiary of trust and retain ownership of property and provide documentation.
  Must meet income eligibility guidelines - $57,000/single, $85,000/couple.

Selection Process
  Must meet eligibility guidelines.
  Must submit an application.
  Must have appropriate skills for position.

  $10/hr. (2016), $11/hr. (2017) for all positions.
  May work up to a maximum of 125 hours per calendar year.
  Abatement is considered income for taxpayers Federal income reporting (not State) and toward Federal benefit programs.

How to Apply
  Contact Hingham Elder Services at 781-741-1458.