Financial Hardship

Age, Infirmity & Financial Hardship Clause 18 

Any taxpayer who cannot meet his/her real estate tax obligation due to age and infirmity and insolvency may apply for this exemption. To qualify the applicant must present evidence to the Board of Assessors which corroborates the individual's infirmity and age and inability to pay the assessed tax. This is usually a temporary situation. This is a onetime forgiveness of tax payments. No Lien is placed on the property. Funds come out of overlay 

Temporary Tax Deferral Due to Financial Hardship Clause 18A

A taxpayer, of any age, who cannot meet his/her real estate tax obligation due to a change in active military status, unemployment, illness etc. may be eligible for a temporary tax deferral. The temporary hardship exemption gives taxpayers the ability to defer up to 100% of their property taxes. This deferral is available for up to 3 consecutive years and must be repaid beginning 2 years after the last year of deferral. 

Additional requirements include ownership and occupancy as of July 1 for the fiscal year in question and Massachusetts residency for the preceding 10 years. Deadline for filing is April 1 unless the first falls on a weekend or holiday in which case the deadline is the next business day. 

A lien is placed on the property and released once repayment is complete.

Application Forms