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4th of July Parade

Posted on: April 24, 2019

[ARCHIVED] Parade Rules and Guidelines

Selectmens Cup Supporting Hingham Parade

We are excited to have you participate with us in this year’s event!  

The 4th of July Parade is a celebration of Independence Day and patriotism.  Parade participants are expected to design entries to celebrate the 4th of July and support the 2019 Parade theme “Celebrate Hingham’s Natural Beauty.”  

This information provides an overview of important things Parade participants need to know and serves as a helpful checklist of participant responsibilities.  

1.    Review this information to be sure you understand its contents, prior to July 1st

2.    Share this information with the other participants in your Parade entry, as appropriate

3.    Address any questions: bring questions to the safety meeting on July 1st and/or reach out to Chief Glenn Olsson of the Hingham Police Department, prior to July 1st

Our goal is a safe and fun day for all!

NOTE:  All entry applications are subject to 4th of July Parade Committee approval and proof of non-profit status, if requested. The Committee reserves the right to approve all entries and remove an entry not conforming to the Parade rules and/or guidelines, and/or that the Committee determines to be inappropriate or a danger to participants and/or spectators, and/or that refuses to follow the instructions of the Hingham Police Department or Parade Committee Officials.  


Monday, July 1, 2019 at 7:00 pm    Hingham High School (Union Street entrance)

In order to participate in the Parade, each float entry must have an adult representative attend and check-in at the Pre-Parade Safety Meeting

All entries are welcome to send their adult representative to the meeting as all entries are expected to abide by the Parade Rules and Guidelines

  • Parade Rules and Guidelines will be reviewed and questions will be answered
  • Hingham Police and Fire Department personnel will review safety and route information
  • Float entries will be notified of their assigned number and specific position in the staging area, and a map of the Parade staging area and route will be provided

Adult representative/s are responsible for communication of rules and safety guidelines to the adult and child participants in their entry

Entry representatives should hold a meeting with their float participants before, or on, the day of the Parade, and review the rules and safety guidelines to ensure everyone understands them and their own individual responsibilities    


Parade Officials and Volunteers:

-    Parade Officials and Volunteers will be wearing green safety vests and will be available to assist in each of the staging areas

-    Parade Officials and Volunteers will be available to check-in entries and answer questions at the Parade Committee tent on the High School lawn (Pleasant Street)

-    Entries will follow the direction given by Parade Volunteers and Officials

-    Parade Officials and Volunteers will conduct Float Judging before the Parade begins

Parade Theme & Awards:

-    Entries are expected to demonstrate celebration of the 4th of July and support the theme of the Parade, “Celebrate Hingham’s Natural Beauty,” versus promoting a particular business, social cause, or other topic

-    All entries will be reviewed prior to the Parade start

-    Float Judging is for:  Most Patriotic - Most Beautiful - Most Unique - Best of Parade  Winning floats will be led in the Parade by walkers with a banner noting their Award designation

Entry Business Signs & Logos:

-    The business registration fee entitles a business to display its name and/or logo on up to 2 locations on its entry

     o    Clothing is considered one location (ex. logo T-shirts worn by a group)

     o    Each sign/banner may not exceed 16 square feet (ex. 8’ x 2’)

-    Larger or added signage is subject to Parade Committee approval and an additional fee

Float Entry Requirements:

-    Float entries must be structurally sound and must not exceed 13’ 6” in height.  Float length must be approved by the Parade Committee

-    Floats must have at least 2 adult walkers (per axle) alongside the float to ensure the safety and clearance of the float and safety of spectators throughout the entire Parade route  

-    Floats must have at least 2 adult walkers at each wheel when the float is in motion 

Line-up and Staging:

-    Float entries will receive their assigned number and specific staging area position at the mandatory Pre-Parade Safety Meeting on Monday, July 1, 2019, at the High School

-    Non-float entries will receive their number and staging position when they check in at the Parade Committee tent on the High School lawn (Pleasant Street)

-    Entries will follow the order of placement as directed by the Parade Officials and Volunteers

ALL Vehicle Operators:

-    All vehicle drivers must be experienced operators and must possess the appropriate valid motor vehicle operator’s licenses

-    All vehicles must be in sound working condition and properly insured

-    Once a float or other vehicle is in position in the staging area, the driver (and a float representative, if applicable) must be in attendance at all times in the event there are questions or the float and/or vehicle needs to be moved

Helmets & Safety Gear:

-    Individuals participating in the Parade on a motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard, scooter, etc., must wear appropriate helmets and safety gear

Entry Supervision Responsibilities:

-    Entries must provide appropriate and adequate adult supervision for their participants, vehicles, animals, and floats in the staging areas and throughout the Parade route


Marching Units With Children:

-    Entries are responsible for ensuring they have adequate adult supervision

-    Children in a marching unit must be kept together and away from moving vehicles 

Transportation of Participants To and From the Parade:

-    Participants are not permitted to ride on the float as it is being transported to the Parade staging area or after the Parade from the Station Street Parking Lot

-    Please be sure to coordinate alternate transportation for participants before and after the Parade


Getting On, Off, or Out of Floats and Vehicles:

-    Parade participants may not get on/off/out of a moving float or vehicle during the Parade, unless in case of emergency

Distribution of Candy:

-    CANDY MAY NOT BE THROWN TO THE CROWD due the danger of children running into the street or viewers being injured

-    Distribution of candy from floats or other vehicles is strictly prohibited:  this includes, but is not limited to, tossing, throwing, shooting, or otherwise propelling items into the crowd

-    IF AN ENTRY WISHES TO DISTRIBUTE CANDY, the entry must have dedicated walkers (not those adults assigned to walk an axle/wheel), who will hand candy to spectators along the Parade route

-    Entries must ensure that children who hand out candy have adequate adult supervision (Adults assigned to walk an axle/wheel are not suitable for this purpose)

Distribution of Items, Including Promotional Materials

-    The distribution of items, (other than candy as identified above) is strictly prohibited

-    Entries may not distribute literature, advertisements, coupons, product samples, promotional materials, toys, T-shirts, beads, frisbees, or any other items

-    ‘Distribution’ includes, but is not limited to, handing out, tossing, throwing, shooting, or otherwise propelling items into the crowd

-    Entries may not sell merchandise along the Parade route

Water guns, super soakers, water balloons, and the like, are strictly prohibited

Our goal is a safe and fun day for all!


Entries that fail to follow these guidelines may be prohibited from participation in subsequent Parades.



Line up, Check-in, Float Judging, Parade!

8:00 am        Entries arrive and go to their assigned staging positions.  Main Street (Route 228) may be tied up with the 4th of July Road Race runners and spectators until 8:00 AM, so consider using alternate routes where possible

8:15 am        All entries will send an adult to “check-in” at the Parade Committee tent at the High School lawn (Pleasant Street)

8:30 am        Entries should be assembled in their assigned staging positions for Parade Official checks

8:45 am        Float Judging begins for 4 awards:  Most Patriotic - Most Beautiful - Most Unique - Best of Parade

10:00 am    Parade begins promptly

            Start:  Hingham High School           End:  Station Street parking lot


Please be sure to share the following information with participants:

SAFETY:    Parade entries ensure all their participants are adequately informed of Parade rules and guidelines, as applicable

RESTROOMS:    Restrooms are inside the High School entrance (Union Street)

WATER STATIONS:    Aquarion Water Company is sponsoring two FREE public water stations!

1.    Hingham High School lawn (Pleasant Street)

2.    Station Street parking lot

SUN EXPOSURE:    Bring water, sunblock, hats, etc., to protect from the sun!

RAIN DATE:        The Parade will be held rain or shine on the 4th of July.

                There is no rain date!


RULES & GUIDELINES:  Please direct questions to the Hingham Police Department, Chief Glenn Olsson, at 781-749-1212 or

APPLICATIONS:  Please direct questions to Gabrielle Roegner at 781-749-2112 or  

We sincerely appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing you in the Parade! 

Download and Print the Rules & Guidelines (PDF)
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