North Sewer District

  1. Connection Criteria
  2. Construction Policy

Connection Criteria

  1. Verify with the Commission that the property is in the North Sewer District.
  2. The installer is responsible for securing any municipal permits or state permits required for the connection i.e. street opening permits are obtained through the Hingham Highway Department.
  3. Choose a drainlayer from the list available in the Sewer Department Office. All are licensed and insured in the Town of Hingham.
  4. Application forms including the connection layout and fee must be filed at the Sewer Department Office for authorization before construction or renovation of existing commercial buildings can begin.
  5. Easements for connection across private property will not be allowed unless there is absolutely no other connection alternative. Private easements can cause a great deal of difficulty in the future. For example, the growth of trees whose roots may eventually block the connection pipe or a future owner of the easement property may plant a garden or build a shed or other structure over the easement. In order to proceed with the connection we will need a court-recorded easement for the intended route of the line. The easement layout must be approved in advance by the Sewer Commission.
  6. A connection fee to be used solely for the reduction of extraneous water input to the system, known as Inflow and Infiltration, or Major Improvements must be paid before construction can begin.
    • The fee for existing households is $1,000
    • The fee for new construction of households or commercial buildings or renovation of existing commercial or residential buildings is $2.67 per gallon based on a 6 to 1 reduction goal in accordance with the standard gallon per day tables of the Department of Environmental Protection. View the Construction Policy Tab for additional details.
  7. After the connection is made, the drain layer will call the Sewer Department and arrange for an inspection of the connection by the Foreman for compliance with Sewer Department rules and regulations before back filling.