Naval Ammo Depot

Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study

The Army Corps of Engineers and their consultants will be conducting site investigation work throughout Bare Cove Park beginning in late April and continuing through July.  Please check this page regularly for area closures and other important information


Current Hingham NAD RI field activities (as of 06/15/2018)

This Week (18-22 June 2018)

  • No field activities.

Next Week (25 June 2018 to 6 July 2018)

  • Conduct soil and sediment sampling in the Burial Area.

Future Work 

  • Furnace Area sampling is scheduled for 9 July 2018 to 18 July 2018.
  • Background soil and intertidal sediment sampling is scheduled for 19 July 2018 to 26 July 2018.
  • South Pier sediment sampling is scheduled for 30 July to 3 August 2018.
  • North Pier sediment sampling is scheduled for 6 August 2018 to 10 August 2018.
  • Background subtidal sediment sampling is scheduled for 13 August 2018 to 17 August 2018.

Highlights or Outstanding Issues

  • There are no updates on the schedule for the intrusive investigation in the water at this time.
  • The Town of Hingham has requested some further site cleanup in the Burial Area. The JV and USACE will coordinate any additional site cleanup with the Town as required.
Hingham NAD RIFS Field Work