MBTA Communities

In January 2021, the Massachusetts Legislature adopted an Economic Development Bond Bill that made changes to the state's Zoning Act. Among other housing-related changes, the law created a new section (Section 3A) of the Zoning Act that requires each municipality in the MBTA district to zone for multifamily housing by right. Failure to comply with Section 3A makes the noncompliant community ineligible for certain state funding programs.

Hingham is presently in interim compliance with the MBTA Communities requirements. Based on the final Guidelines issued by the Department of Housing and Community Development, Hingham would be required to adopt by-right multi-family zoning in one or more districts consisting of a minimum of 50 acres with a minimum unit capacity of 1,490 units (15%) on the following timetable: 

Compliance Calendar

May 2, 2022

üHold Briefing with Select Board
üSubmit MBTA Community Information Form to DHCD to maintain interim compliance
üSubmit updated parcel data to MassGIS

January 31, 2023

üAnalyze current zoning for compliance with Final Guidelines
üDevelop action plan for zoning amendments or request compliance determination for DHCD review

December 31, 2024

• Initiate zoning amendments
• Hold public hearing/s 
• Town Meeting action

Local documents related to MBTA Multifamily Housing