Proposed By-Law Amendments

Zoning Articles For Town Meeting 2022

Gender Neutral and Other Term Revisions (Article AAA)

The intent of this article, proposed by the Planning Board, is to follow-up on the vote of the 2021 Annual Town Meeting, which made the same gender-neutral changes to the General By-Laws of the Town. These changes will make all of the Town's By-Laws consistent throughout. The term grandfather has also been removed based on recent Massachusetts court decisions.

Accessory Uses (Article BBB)

The intent of this amendment, proposed by the Zoning Board of Appeals, is twofold. First, the amendment would correct some redundant or inconsistent language in the current By-Law related to accessory residential uses. Second, the amendment would add specific factors to be considered when a residential accessory use may negatively impact a neighborhood.

Special Permits and Site Plan Review Procedures (Article CCC)

The intent of this article, proposed by the Planning Board, is to streamline and standardize the procedures for site plan review and special permits.

Tree Protection and Preservation (Article DDD)

The intent of this proposed amendment is to encourage the preservation and protection of sizeable trees on portions of private property during significant demolition and/or development activity.

Accessory Dwelling Units (Article DDD)(From Town Meeting 2021)