Cans - Steel / Tinned Cans

Accepted Items
  • All non-redeemable food and beverage metal containers. Please wash and rinse thoroughly, otherwise they tend to attract insects and rodents. Labels need not be removed.
  • All cans can be mingled into the same collection container.
  • If possible, please flatten cans to allow more to fit in each load that is transported for recycling.
  • Empty aerosol containers that you know contained non-hazardous contents (with plastic lid removed): an aerosol can is empty when you no longer hear any air released when the nozzle is depressed and the can feels empty when shaken. To empty the can of its non-hazardous contents, discharge outdoors into a deep cardboard box or paper bag, and allow the box or bag to dry before placing in the trash. The empty aerosol container can then be recycled or disposed.
Prohibited Items
  • No aluminum foil, paint cans (either full or empty), or metal cookware.
  • No redeemable cans or plastic bottles. These should be placed in the Returnables area. Your local youth organizations collect these, turn them in and get money to fund their projects.
  • All other aerosol containers: Save for the annual household hazardous waste collection or take to a commercial hazardous waste facility.