Corrugated Cardboard

Boxes & Insert
The town receives market value for each ton of corrugated cardboard that is recycled. Every ton of cardboard that is removed from the waste stream and recycled has a net benefit to Hingham of about $120 per ton (saving $100 per ton removed from waste stream plus revenue of $20 per ton for recycled cardboard).

Accepted Items
  • Any size corrugated cardboard that has open holes along sides (a wavy interior layer with top and bottom cardboard layers)
  • Please make every effort to remove all strapping, staples, tape, and other non-cardboard material.
  • All cardboard boxes are to be flattened prior to recycling. This helps with efficient bailing of cardboard for transport.
  • Corrugated pizza boxes are acceptable only if they are not saturated with grease or other food residue.
Prohibited Items
  • No single layered cardboard such as cereal/cracker boxes, shoe boxes, and gift boxes. These go with recyclable paper in the paper recycling compactor.
  • No waxed/sealed boxes such as frozen food, milk, or other such food boxes are acceptable.