Returnables - Cans & Plastic Bottles

Deposit/Redeemable Cans & Plastic Bottles
All deposit/redeemable bottles and cans that are collected in the recycling building are donated to Hingham Youth Non-Profit organizations. If you are interested in helping a youth organization to benefit from this program, please call the Department of Public Works office for more information, at 781-741-1430.

Accepted Items
  • All deposit or redeemable plastic bottles and aluminum cans are to be deposited in the labeled containers located inside the baler building between plastics recycling and the steps.
Prohibited Items
  • No non-redeemable cans or bottles (water, juice, sports drink bottles). These can be recycled with plastics.
  • No glass deposit/redeemable bottles. (Glass is too risky for youth groups to handle.) Glass bottles can be recycled in the glass collection bin.