What do we do...


Our Department provides a wide variety of support services to Town departments, commissions, and boards. Some of our responsibilities include:

  • Feasibility studies,
  • Preparation of procurement documents,
  • Cost estimating/budgets, specifications, scheduling
  • Project management/coordination/oversight, payment authorization, value engineering
  • Review of designs/plans and estimates by outside consultants
  • Grant Preparation and Management
  • Conducting public procurement for vertical and horizontal projects (MGL chapter 7, 149, 30 & 30B).

We prepare procedures and manuals, such as:

  • The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) Process Manual
  • The Beach Management Pan
  • Road Acceptance Procedures

We undertake annual management of various capital projects in addition to the reconstruction of the Town’s roadway system by:

  • Developing a 5 year construction plan and a 25 year outlay
  • Management of the Chapter 90 road building monies as well as Town funded Road Building monies-totaling 1.3 million dollars annually
  • Coordinate with state agencies such as Executive office of Transportation and private utility companies


  • Grant Preparation & Management - PWED Grants, MORE Grants, CZM Grants & RT 3A CTPS Grant totaling approx. $2.2 million, plus Grant Preparation for the “Hingham Bathhouse” -Seaport Economic Council
  • Boiler Replacement Project at the Library
  • Roof replacement at the Library
  • Capping of the Landfill
  • South Shore Country Club sewer expansion project
  • Hingham Square Reconstruction Project
  • New DPW facility and the associated “Carlson Fields” projects
  • Lincoln School Apartments Management Services Solicitation
  • Reconstruction of Town Roads