Energy Action Committee

Our Vision for Hingham

We aim to make Hingham a beacon of sustainable energy leadership, driving the transition to clean and renewable sources while nurturing a resilient and prosperous community. Through collaboration, education, and innovative initiatives, the EAC intends to empower Hingham residents, businesses, and the municipal entities to embrace clean energy solutions, reduce carbon emissions, and prioritize energy efficiency. Through collaboration, we can create a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future for Hingham, ensuring a thriving community for generations.

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  Term Ends
James Byrne 2025
Kenneth (Brad) Carr 2025
Brianna Bennett, Hingham Municipal Light Plant  
Brad Moyer 2025
Paul Sprecher 2025

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Hingham

In Hingham (as of 2023), greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to different sources: buildings (68%), vehicles (23%), electricity supply (8%), and waste (1%). Among these, our homes and businesses have the biggest impact on Hingham's overall emissions. Household emissions vary based on factors like occupancy, home efficiency, and heating fuel. Transitioning to clean heating is the most effective measure to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your home. Water heating is another notable emission source within households. To gain a better understanding of your household's carbon footprint, you can utilize the Household Carbon Footprint Calculator provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Hingham

Pie Chart Showing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Hingham

High Impact Energy Actions for Individuals

High Impact Energy Actions for Individuals Options

Heat Pumps for HVAC

Whether you’re replacing an aging existing system, renovating your space, or building something new, consider installing a new Heat Pump for your home or business’ heating and cooling needs (HVAC / Furnace / A/C).

Heating and Cooling with Heat Pumps
What is a heat pump?
Can I speak to someone about heat pumps?
What can I expect from a heat pump?
• Harbor Media – Green Living with Heat Pumps
Where can I find a contractor?
• Abode Participating Contractor List (Oil, Propane, Wood, Electric Customers)
• Mass Save Participating Contractor List (Natural Gas Customers)
Are there any incentives available?
• Mass Save (Natural Gas Customers)
• Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant (Oil, Propane, Wood, Electric Customers)
• Federal Incentives – Rewiring America Calculator

Purchasing an Electric Vehicle (EV)

There are several options for replacing your existing gas/diesel vehicle with an efficient electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicles & At-Home Charging
What vehicles can I consider?
• Electric Vehicle Buying Guide – Hingham Drives Electric
• Vehicles eligible for a state rebate – MOR-EV Program
What vehicle rebates are available?
  Guide to EV car rebates – up to $3,500
EV Truck rebates - $7,500 to $90,000
Federal Tax Info – potential for up to $7,500. See eligible vehicles
Public charging:
Who can I talk to for assistance?

Home Solar

Installing Solar Panels on your home or property will reduce your electric bill, leverage your investment in heat pumps and EVs, and contribute to CO2 emissions.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) – Solar & Battery Storage
What are the financial incentives for solar?
Where can I find information on installers?
Where can I find more information? – Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar
Weatherization – An Efficient Building Envelope
What are some resources to think about weatherization?
• New Construction – Passive House Institute of the US
What are incentives for weatherization?
Mass Save (Natural Gas Customers)
Hingham Light (Oil, Propane, Wood, Electric Customers)
Appliances – Day-to-Day Energy Efficiency
What types of appliances are energy efficient?
What incentives are available?